On Monday 16th March, work began on the window replacement scheme for all classrooms in KS1 and KS2.  This will also include all doors and additional rooms.  This significant work has been possible due to a successful capital bid, which all academies are entitled to apply for.

The first classroom (which you can see in the picture) to be completed was class 2JH.  The new windows also allow access directly from the classroom to the outside space.  In the future this will allow outdoor learning to become a feature of our work in KS1.  This will not only enrich our curriculum, but also allow pupils the freedom of self-discovery.

The children are also very excited about the window work.  Casey in Year 2 said “It makes our classroom look bigger and better.”

Kane also added “The new green doors look fantastic, they make our school look really smart.”

Other benefits have also be noticed by the pupils, Connor commented that “it’s much brighter and on a cold day it seems warmer.”

The pupils in KS2 are looking forward to the work in their classrooms beginning.  It is hoped that over the next few weeks our school council will complete a site inspection looking at the health and safety procedures that have been put in place.  The reception children are also keen to visit the site to put their learning in a real-life context.