The school have today been informed that we have won £1000 in the key stage 2 category of the Pupil Premium Awards 2015.  The Minister for Schools, David Laws, has written to Spring Cottage on this matter and invited us to apply for one of the larger prizes, including the National Award of £100,000.  The list of qualifying schools for the 2015 award will be announced today, and more details can be found on

In 2014 34% of pupils taking the KS2 SATS tests were eligible for the pupil premium. The average point score for this group of pupils (29.2) was above the national scores for all pupils (28.7), and significantly better than pupil premium students nationally (27.2).  Pupil premium funding for this group of pupils was used to support three classes in Y6, one to one interventions, emotional well-being support and a number of enrichment activities.  More information can be found on the pupil premium section of the website.

This award demonstrates the commitment and high expectations SCPS has for all groups of pupils regardless of background, starting point, gender and disability.