Great news! All of the hard work put in by the staff and children over the last year has paid off and we have been awarded Pfeg (Personal Finace Education Group) Centre of Excellence status.

Over the summer, a team of Pfeg consultants spent time looking over our application for the award and were suitably impressed. Judy, our Pfeg representative, showed them extensive evidence of the activities we undertook during the year and how our children and staff have embraced financial education within the curriculum. It is now embedded within subjects such as maths and PSHCE across all age groups and children are much more knowledgeable about the financial matters that will impact on their lives as they grow.

Aside from the curriculum, one big change that we saw during the year was the introduction of the school bank. This has been a great success thanks to the dedication of Liz Jenkins and Mr Dawson from Spring Cottage, Carmel from the Credit Union and all of those children and parents who have opened an account. ย We will be opening this opporuntiy to other year groups throughout the year.

As a Centre of Excellence, our role is to share our expertise with local schools and people within our community. Educating the adults of tomorrow will hopefully set them up for successful financial futures, whilst giving some support to those that need it right now. We are proud to have been successful with our application and hope to continue to embed and embrace the core values of Pfeg during this year and beyond.

The more information on Pfeg visit their website: