Our Ethos

Spring Cottage Primary School provides a secure, caring environment ensuring pupils develop an enjoyment of learning and a belief that everyone can succeed. Each pupil is encouraged to grow as a learner, ensuring the best possible progress and high attainment in all areas of learning. Through the curriculum, Spring Cottage seeks to encourage positive attitudes, a spirit of co-operation, open mindedness, curiosity, critical analysis and independence of thought.

Our curriculum gives Spring Cottage Primary School a distinct identity and ethos, reflecting our values, our place within the local community of Kingston upon Hull, and an awareness of the wider world in which we live.  Above all, we aim to make our curriculum a stimulating experience for all our pupils, laying the foundations for success in life, regardless of sex, culture, race, background or disability.

Mission Statement

At Spring Cottage Primary School we recognise we are all unique and are committed to helping everyone reach their full potential.

We will ensure every member of our school is:

  • Valued
  • Safe
  • Equal
  • Able to achieve
  • Inspired
  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Aware of the wider world
  • Prepared for life

As a community we will:

‘Grow Together, Learn Together – Make the most of everyday’